How digital penetration can help co's survive

By Kritvi Paliwal

In today’s world of the World Wide Web, where 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created on the internet every day*, companies can no longer afford to stay off the internet of things. A digital presence coupled with smart online marketing strategies and social media activity is the need of the hour for every driven organisation which aims to leave an impact in the market.

But the question arises, how a company is supposed to structure its digital imprint to have the maximum penetration and presence on the devices of its potential customers. Is a single strategy enough to fuel a firm’s digital foothold? Or do digital-age companies require a comprehensive integrated approach to capture the online space? The answer to this pertinent question lies in the company’s approach to data management and the vision it has for original content creation.

As they say, ‘customer is the king but content is the queen’; the one which lures the king to invest in your plans and strategies. Therefore, it is essential for a productive organisation to focus on a company-wide content strategy to drive its future growth.

Now, what does this approach really means for your firm? To start with, a consistent and coherent content strategy leads to a uniform production of innovative and creative ideas which leads to organic online traffic and enhanced real-time social media engagement for your company.  It gives a boost to your products by improving their visibility, increasing their viability and making them feasible and easily accessible for the dormant social-media user who may just turn out to be your next client.

Always remember: Every time you put out a well-researched content on the internet and associate it with your brand, it can become that one opportunity to show billions of people what your company truly stands for. A hit content strategy can leverage your level-playing chances in a fiercely competitive market out there and thus, investing properly in the right company content strategy is the smartest move for new-age entrepreneurs and business leaders.

*A Micro Focus study (